1. Welcome to Bay Beach!
2. Zippin Pippin
3. Tilt-A-Whirl
4. The Scat
5. Bumper Cars
6. Ferris Wheel

"On Bay Beach Amusement Park, I wanted to merge the fun, romantic, and surreal aspects I see in amusement parks. They have a very musical quality, if you listen. You can hear the shrieks, laughter, and rhythm of the rollercoasters and machinery. My first ride at Bay Beach was the Zippin Pippin -- the roller coaster Elvis infamously rode all night eight days before he died. It reminded me of the innocence of childhood and the great escape a ride can give you. I got right back in line wanting to set lyrics to the rhythm of the roller coaster.

These six songs will take you on six different rides. They have the highs and lows, enjoyment and terror I've experienced at the Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It's turning 125 years old this summer and, in a world of derivatives, Bay Beach is an original. It’s been a happy place for me to return to in song and in real life." -- Trapper Schoepp